Health food for children

HKJEBN has introduced a series of instant salmon flake products for the health development and balanced diet of children because salmon contains rich protein and omega-3, unsaturated fatty acids, which have a great help for growing children.


Frozen Seafood

Frozen Dried Saffron Cod 

Abundant in Hokkaido, Japan, Saffron Cod is available only in winter, so it is also called "fish under ice. "Living under ice all year round, the fish has little fat and its meat is firm and tastes delicious and sweet. 

HKJEBN's frozen dried saffron cod have had been removed the heads and organs, and have been marinated be salt overnight, so they are ready to cook simply and serve.


Most of the Japanese rice grows in one crop every year in a natural environment, and the irrigation water comes from nearby mountain streams or rivers. 

Japanese rice products sold by HKJEBN include: Koshihikari rice from Niigata Prefecture, Akitakomachi rice from Akita Prefecture, and Hitomebore rice from Miyagi Prefecture. These are the three most famous types of rice in Japan, all with high stickiness, excellent texture, and delicious taste. 


In Japan, apart from entertaining guests or in tea ceremony, people also drink green tea in their daily life. It is believed the reason for the longevity of the Japanese people lies in their frequent consumption of green tea.

The green tea of Shizuoka Prefecture and the Matcha of Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture are the most famous varieties of Japanese tea. The categorization of Japanese tea is quite different from Chinese tea although there are not being as many categories of Japanese tea. Categories of Chinese tea include black tea, green tea, and Oolong tea. But the majority of Japanese tea is all green tea featuring a light smell. Other teas that Japanese frequently drink include Hoji-cha and Matcha Genmaicha. Hoji-cha has a strong taste and, because it is roasted over strong flame, has a deep red color. Despite tasting a bit similar to Pu'er tea, it is actually a green tea. Matcha Genmaicha is made by adding Matcha and Genmaicha to ordinary green tea. It tastes sweet and has the aroma of Genmaicha, making it very unique.


HKJEBN has a wide variety of condiments for selection, included but not limited to soy sauces, Japanese miso, and organic seasonings.

Sesame oil is derived from sesame seeds through roasting process. Based on the temperature of roasting, it can be divided into dark and light flavor. The higher temperature in roasting process, the more condensed of the sesame oil. The condensed (dark) sesame oil tastes slightly bitter.
When sesame seeds are roasted in low temperature, although the smell of sesame is not that strong, it tastes sweet.


The selected ready-to-eat snacks available from HKJEBN include Japanese craker, Hokkaido milk cream cracker, chocolate, seafood snacks, and fruit jelly. They are suitable for family gatherings and parties.

There are three types of Japanese cracker. The first is made of wheat flour and eggs, the second is made of rice and eggs, and the third is made of potato . Each has its distinctive flavor. Mainly from the Kansai region, cracker made of wheat flour is sweet. Cracker made of rice is also called komegashi. It is seasoned with soy sauce or salt and is mainly from the Kanto region. Cracker made of starch can be seasoned with salt or many other seasonings, including curry and wasabi. This type of okonomiyaki is mainly produced in the Aichi region.


Japan has the title of "the country of noodles" because noodles are very popular all over the country. In addition to ramen noodles, which are well known all over the world, HKJEBN also provides many other types of noodles, including udon, soumen, soba, and cold ramen.

Instant Food

In Japan, a bowl of rice topped with sauce is called "Tou". Nowadays, Japanese young people usually work and live alone. In order to save time, they may cook rice for themselves and heat instant Fumi Furikake to place on top of the rice, making a delicious meal in convenient way.

 Apart from Fumi Furikake, HKJEBN also provides various kinds of instant Miso Shiru which are delicious and easy to heat. 

Canned Food

Ready-to-eat canned products are popular food among Hong Kong people because canned products are convenient to be stored and served. HKJEBN has selected a series of popular Japanese canned seafood products, including canned red queen crab meat, canned sardine and canned tuna.​

Concentrated Drinks

Drinking Vinegar contains amino acids, acetate acid, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients. It can prevent cardiovascular diseases and promote digestion. On hot summer days, a glass of chilled, fruity smelling vinegar drink would be a best recipe for refreshment and summer heat relief.

The vinegar for drinking selected by HKJEBN for you is concentrated and can be diluted with chilled water by 4-6 times according to your preference. A glass of vinegar drink each day will enhance the metabolism and is a good way for slimming.